Linear Momentum
Coulomb's Law
The Electromagnetic Wave Equation
Universal Law of Gravitation
Fourier Transform?
Maybe - but not even close.
Gauss's Law for Electricity
Gauss's Law for Magnetism
Ohm's Law
Relativistic Energy
Relativistic Momentum
The Schrödinger Equation
Lagrangian Conservation
of Momentum

The Ideal Gas Law
Snell's Law
Bragg's Law
Constant Acceleration
Newton's Second Law

Credit goes to Eric Weeks from the University of Pennsylvania for this, his entry for the APS News T-Shirt/Bumper
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. All I did was re-typeset the thing and add some pop-up text and hyperlinks.

Thanks go to Evelyn Kinzel at Ohio Dominican University for recognizing the not-quite Lagrangian conservation statement.

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Don't Drink and Derive image Gauss's Law for Magnetism