AJ4CO Jovian DAM Observation Reports    (external link)

Observations of Jovian decametric emission
  AJ4CO Observatory Data
(external link)

Raw data from the radio telescopes
Radio Jove Spectrograph Users Group    (external link)

Radio astronomy focusing on the dynamic spectra of Jovian decametric emission
  Typinski Radio Astronomy, Inc.
(external link)

Antenna systems and feed line components for HF radio astronomy
Radio Astronomy Calculators

Online calculation of some equations for radio astronomy
  Cheat Sheets

Graphs, plots, equations, miscellaneous cheat sheet stuff
Intro to Amateur Radio Astronomy

A very brief presentation given at the Alachua Astronomy Club meeting in September, 2016
  AJ4CO Observatory - Station Description

Some details of the radio observatory
The HF Spectrogram

An intro to the bumps, blips, and blobs of upper HF band spectrograms
  Pulsar Sounds

Audio recordings of pulsar emission made by professional observatories